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The DEX line is the extension of the FindeR LEX/MEX series. DEX pumps are designed to handle bigger inlet capacities. The impeller construction is “in between bearing” and the gas streams are collected from both pump ends through common inlet and discharge manifolds. The pumps are available bareshaft therefore can be connected to any electric motor through a flexible coupling. DEX pumps are frequently used as a compressor up to 2 bar g discharge pressure. Thanks to its construction, are available with ATEX certification also. FindeR DEX line design is very robust and simple in order to provide the highest reliability. The basic construction is in cast iron with bronze impeller for DEX 600 & 800 but nodular iron impeller for DEX 1200 & 1800. Other versions like cast iron with stainless steel impeller or complete wetted parts in stainless steel construction can be provided as well as other exotic alloys upon request. FindeR DEX pumps are widely used in any industrial application involving vacuum due to their versatility and performance requirements. They are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, wood and plastic industries for gas and vapour extraction, vacuum impregnation, packaging, pneumatic conveying, soil remediation."


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