End Suction Pumps


Pumps based on DIN. 24255 dimensions. Back pull-out design to facilitate maintenance and no disturbance of pipe work when fitted with spacer coupling. Pedestal mounted bearing housing available for belt drives and allows angled or horizontal positioning of delivery branch. Series 1 - Pumps available with grease or oil lubricated bearings.



High efficiency volute type with flangs to BS.4504. Casing wear rings are fitted as standard on all Series 3 pumps. Series 1 and 2 are available as an optional extra.


Double shrouded overhung impeller, hydraulically balanced, keyed to the shaft.

Shaft Steel

Standard arrangement for pumps is gland packaging, with mechanical seals available as an alternative.

Materials of construction

Pump Casing - Cast Iron
Bearing Housing - Cast Iron
Impeller - Cast Iron or Bronze
Shaft - Steel
Wear Rings - Cast Iron or Bronze

Alternative material combinations are also available.

Temperature Limits

104°C - Pumps with soft packed glands.
140°C - Pumps with mechanical seals.

Reduce working pressures shown on dimension sheet by 2 bars when operating above 105°C.

Direction of rotation

Clockwise when looking at shaft end.


Volute casing centrifugal pump, end suction type, main dimensions and performance according to DIN 24255 standars with complementary size to extend performance range. For duties of approx. 4000 m³/hr flanges DN 500/500 are required. Up to a duty of approx 500 m³/hr (pump flanges DN 200/150) the pumps are also available in space-saving block design type "APEbloc".

APE pumps are designed to handle media:

  • Which are clean or slightly abrasive
  • Having temperatures up to 140°C
  • With viscosities not exceeding 150mm2/s (cSt)
  • Which can easily be pumped

Special materials upon request. All pumps aavailable for 50/60Hz.

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3